Refunds are an inevitable element of selling on eBay. Even the most cautious retailers occasionally receive requests for returns since a buyer can do so for any reason.

Since eBay is less concerned with a seller’s ratings and more concerned with the service they provide to buyers, limiting returns is about more than protecting the seller’s rating and feedback score.

Receiving a different-than-advertised good is a common source of buyer outrage. Vendors should keep these guidelines in mind when making listings and sending packages to avoid these problems.

- Examining Inventory and Preparing to List

- Posting Clear, Precise, and Detailed Titles and Descriptions

- Avoid marketing commonly rejected items

- Capture extensive, close-up shots of the products.

- Focus on securely packing the products

- Authenticating Designer Products



The first step to starting a successful Amazon selling business is figuring out your strengths and knowing what you want to sell.

In a highly tech-savvy world like ours, the choices of products for starting an online business are endless. But the key to success lies in finding your strengths…



To give wings to your online reselling business, it is imperative to engage with buyers.

In the tech-savvy and connected world we live in, your business has to have a strong online presence and satisfy the customers. The best way to help customers is by having a strong presence on social media platforms across the internet and staying connected with all the queries and comments.

Through practical and efficient social media marketing, a business owner has a better chance of promoting listings, providing feedback, sharing videos, offering how-to-do’s, and establishing a satisfied and strong customer base.

Not only that, but social media or website marketing can give your business a chance to compete with high-standard companies online and make a name in the competitive market globally. Social media connects the world.



Over the years, technological advancements have made things immensely easy for human beings.

As online business owners, we might get too overwhelmed with piling up tasks and often end up screwing up one thing or another. But mistakes come with a higher cost, such as losing or damaging valuable inventory.

As an online reselling business, good business and piling up orders mean higher inventory, which can come with specific associated risks. Hence, it becomes essential to invest in inventory management technology for successful inventory management.

Let technology make your business life easy and less stressful. In the end, running out of inventory and losing the trust of your credible customers with late or damaged deliveries is not the way you want to go.



One of the best tips to set up a successful online reselling store is to Source Inexpensively.

When it comes down to sourcing quality products in quantity for your reselling platform online, it can get immensely confusing about which way to go. Budget is one of the most common obstacles to come in the form of buying quality and quantity products.

It is best to conduct thorough research before choosing a place to resource to avoid a fruitless and time-consuming process. It is best to source quality local products from the thrift store near you and sells them at a higher resale price to your online audience.

Some of the best local sourcing places for inexpensive inventory include thrift stores, buying/trading/selling stores, Goodwill Outlets, and consignment stores.



Many ages ago, traders set out on long travels to distant regions.

Traveling in wagons, sailing on sailboats, or riding on a horse, brave merchants ventured far from home to find things that the locals were unfamiliar with.

Today, merchants may embark on the same incredible experience without leaving their homes. Product sourcing and trading have become more accessible as the global connection has improved.

Generally, the product procurement process involves the following steps:

- Product concept investigation

- Analyze the vendors

- Cost Comparison

- Supply contract negotiations

Finding a thing to sell online no longer necessitates avoiding criminals and evading pirates.

However, to obtain the best commodities for trade, you must still explore new territory online or in person.

There are numerous product sourcing strategies. To prevent becoming swamped, select the best approach (or try with several!) and maintain your research efforts well-structured.



Amazon is worth billions of dollars because it is renowned for merchants and shoppers. Rivalry in the eCommerce market is severe, particularly with Amazon.

Starting on the platform may be frightening, but it is easier than you think!

There are two methods for selling on Amazon, but they are not mutually exclusive. You can go for both options all at once. You can send slower-moving large or heavy things yourself while Amazon ships lighter, faster-moving products.

With millions of competing merchants, selling things on Amazon is extremely difficult. It would be preferable if you could make your goods stand out from the crowd. As a result, you must plan ahead of time before putting any items on Amazon.